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As the leading independent publisher of books in the magical and Hermetic Arts, notably books related to the Franz Bardon system. Franz Bardon is the author of three titles, Initiation of Hermetics, The Key to the True Kabbalah, and The Practice of Magical  Evocation. He wrote these titles as a guide to those seeking a spiritual path of improvement of the mind, body and spirit.

Founded in 2016, by  Martin Faulks and Tanya Robinson. Our goal is to bring readers and practitioners of these magical systems the very best to aid them in achieving adepthood. Falcon Books is dedicated to bringing our readers the very best in metaphysical, and occult books relating to the mind, body and spirit including valuable learning resources.

 Our original focus was on the Franz Bardon System, covering subjects such as teachings based on Initiation into Hermetics, Qabbalah and the Spheres, working with authors who are genuine practitioners all with over 20 years of experience in the Hermetic arts. As a result of this close work with our authors we are now expanding into other areas of magic, spirituality and cultivation systems working to preserve these teachings and open them up to interested practitioners.

With this widening of our focus, we noticed that though a book was helpful in getting practitioners started they still benefitted from working directly with a teacher. With this idea in mind, we launched the Perseus Arcane Academy, a place for students to work with genuine teachers, providing an environment for direct communication, on-demand video and private communication between student and teacher. 

We are currently translating books into a variety of languages, including German, Portuguese, and Mandarin, as we expand globally. Also working on a Chinese language-based site that will provide literature on similar topics in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. 

In addition, the National Library in Taipei, Taiwan, holds a number of our English-language titles. Falcon Books also supports the animal charity, ‘Best Friends Animal Society’ through a community book Elemental Equipoise written by the members of the Franz Bardon community. 

Our Mission Statement 

To bring spiritual knowledge and wisdom from the past into the present for the future. 


We have a strong, vibrant social media presence, including a variety of active Hermetic Facebook groups, namely, The Students of Franz Bardon,  Franz Bardon – The Spheres, and Franz Bardon – Asia,  dedicated to Hermetic practice. These groups offer a platform for practitioners to share and discuss their own practice and also to seek advice from more advanced practitioners.  Falcon Books also has its own YouTube Channel, where we interview writers about important topics in Hermetics.

Learning – Perseus Arcane Academy

The Perseus Arcane Academy is in association with Falcon Books Publishing. It was formed due to public interest and offering students of the esoteric arts to learn directly from advanced practitioners. Visit Perseus and sign up for the free course to discover more: The Perseus Arcane Academy.