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A Guide to Sphere Quabbalah – A Magical Study Series: Volume 2

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  • Author(s): Andre Consciencia
  • Format: Hardback, Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Publishing Date: 20th January 2024
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • Pages: 271- 273
  • File Size: (ebook)





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Hardback, Paperback


This book covers aspects of The Key to True Quabbalah, by Franz Bardon, and expands them. It is  divided into four parts that serve the magician, the theurgist and the learning quabbalist. 

The book is concerned with the operation of the triad regarding the human being, according to the teachings of Hermes, the patron of music.

The quabbalist leaves this work with his soul free from the illusion of the material world, his senses infinite, free of limitations. He starts to hear the eternal songs of praise inside all creatures, the music crystallized inside all shapes and architecture, divine melodies in everything. 

When the soul fully regains its original auditory sense of clairaudience, it starts to hear the music of the spheres and the spirit of the quabbalist joins the celestial choirs, taking part in the eternal good that controls the spheres.

In this book, you will also find:

  •  An exploration of the divine tones and the way of creating rhythm and melodies with their aid.
  •  It explores the cosmic elemental kingdoms and sphere elementals and how the different cosmic letters correspond to the elemental fluids of the different spheres.
  • The way of combining shape with the tones and the quabbalistic mechanics of the spheres is given, together with a tripolar method of working with the original Hebrew letters, including the method to create elementaries of these letters.
  • Finally, the reader will be able to learn bodily motions corresponding to the spheres, tones and Bardon’s cosmic letters, the so-called quabbalistic yoga.




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1 review for A Guide to Sphere Quabbalah – A Magical Study Series: Volume 2

  1. Philip Harris -Smith

    This is a genuine addition to the hermetic material given to us by Franz Bardon. The techniques Franz Bardon gave us in his 3rd book ‘Key to the True Quaballah’ are enriched and deepened through the expression of music and form as outlined by Andre in this 2nd volume of the ‘Magical Study Series’.
    This work does not seek to change or modify the praxis given by Bardon in ‘The Key to the True Quabbalah’. Rather it provides further depth and greater opportunity for practical work. The inherent beauty of the creative word is expressed very clearly. Music and geometry along with the transcendental oscillations of the spheres all enhance the sublime dance of the magus as he speaks the creative word.
    The formula magician will undoubtedly be encouraged to utilise the praxis provided which will likely encourage further original personal research. In my view, this 2nd volume by Andre Consciencia should sit alongside Franz Bardon’s ‘The Key To The True Quabbalah’ on the bookshelf.

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