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Built Different: A Hermetic Exposition of the Six Perfections by Virgil

  • Author(s): Virgil
  • Format: Paperback/Ebook
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 26th March 2024
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • Pages:116
  • Weight: 181.44
  • Dimensions : ‎ 5 x 0.27 x 8 inches
  • File size(ebook) : 799 KB

Additional information


eBook, Paperback


This book consists of a practical overview, written from an initiate’s point of view, of the six perfections. When people think of the six perfections, they typically think of Mahayana Buddhism as well, and for good reason. But the six qualities Mahayanists call the perfections are actually mentioned in all major spiritual traditions. This is because, whatever spiritual path you are walking, it is necessary to have the support of these six qualities. It is no surprise then that those walking the magical path could strongly benefit from knowing about and understanding the six perfections. This book contains many important teachings pertaining to the six perfections, including:


– Why some Bardonists need a large tree in order to work through IIH

– Why successful Bardonists don’t end up in San Francisco

– Why successful Bardonists excitedly think “Heck yeah!” whenever they get a headache

– How to avoid reincarnating as a fox

– Why it is safer to be a bad teacher of Hermetics than a good teacher of Hermetics

– Why learning about FRIES can help you work through IIH

– Why the author discourages some Bardonists from smoking weed but not others

– What the one paragraph from esoteric literature that bad teachers desperately don’t want you to read is


The first edition of IIH was published in 1956 as Der Weg Zum Wahren Adepten. Since that year, no initiate has ever revealed the key to successfully working through this training system, the key that is everything. That all changes now. In this book, in the year 2024, sixty-eight years after IIH was first published, the key has been revealed by Virgil at last. The absence of this key, which is needed by all Bardonists except for those with large trees, is the reason the majority of those who attempt to work through IIH fail drastically. For almost seven decades, the Bardon community has been asleep to the importance of this key. But this book is a shout, a shout that has been prepared for a long time. Now, with its publication, the shout is released, the identity and importance of this key is made clear, and the Bardon community is finally awake.


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