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Enlightened Living


  • Author: Martin Faulks
  • Format: Paperback – eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: June 13, 2017
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • File size ‎(eBook): 582kb
  • Pages: 202


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Would you like to learn the most powerful method of self-development?

A technique more effective than any form of meditation, more powerful than any ritual, mantra or secret initiation. What if the most spiritual of secrets has been hidden in the most mundane of things all along?

Could the most effective tool for personal transformation be in the very approach you take to your daily life?

This book consists of a series of contemplations, which give specific techniques, lessons and insights designed to give you the keys to use every moment of every day to release your full potential.

They contain important principles concerning aspects of life, good health or insights into the nature of the mind. Including suggestions of different ways of thinking, correcting your mind, or methods of taking advantage of how your mind already works. Of course, all of these principals can be applied on many different levels. The universal lessons contained in this text can be applied to anyone, no matter what their background or inclination. However, it will be of particular value to those who practice meditation or are undertaking any dedicated training program in which they seek the ideal state of consciousness. Readers will find the lessons contained in this book and the approach to life it suggests easy to apply due to its simplicity and effective techniques. These lessons can also be used to build upon skills already mastered, helping to grow those skills that are less developed. A collection of lessons, the reader can dip in and out of the book as they wish, finding their awareness growing with increasing ease. As their awareness expands, so will engagement with daily life leading to greater fulfilment. Enlightenment is in how we live our lives, not hidden behind closed doors or contained within spiritual practice only. This text aims to be a part of a revolution in teaching whereby the focus of our self-improvement is on the actions of our daily life bringing wisdom, focus and high consciousness to everyday tasks. So that once again we can create a result based practice, where practitioners who seek enlightenment be associated with stability, practicality, clear vision and, above all, excellence through harmonious action. True enlightenment cannot be hidden because it shines forth in every thought, word and action, creating goodness wherever it touches.

This book will aid the reader in applying the skills of enlightenment to their daily life.