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Mermaid Tales


  • Author: William R. Mistele
  • Format: Paperback – eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: May 1, 2018
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • File size ‎(eBook): 43295 kb
  • Pages: 226 pages


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Though they are spiritual beings, some mermaids incarnate in the form of human women. If this is the case, how might we identify them?

As children, they spend hours in the water every day. As adults, they like to be around large bodies of water. Being in water renews them and enables them to feel fully alive.

They are also extremely empathic. On a bell curve of seven billion people, their empathy—their ability to feel what others feel—is at the highest level. When their auras pass through other people they sense the other person’s emotional life as if it is their own.

And in almost every case, they will say they exist to love. Many of them have never had a mean thought in their lives nor have they experienced jealousy. And this too—they never lose their innocence; they cannot stop giving all of themselves in every moment.

In this book are stories of what it is like for such mermaid women to live among us, how men respond to them, and what the mermaid realm’s point of view is in regard to humanity.

You can decide for yourself if the love these women embody has ever appeared in history, in literature, or in any religion or wisdom tradition