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The Gift To Be Simple: My Answer to a Student’s Question


  • Author: Virgil
  • Format: Paperback – eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: July 24, 2020
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • File size ‎(eBook): ‎503kb
  • Pages: 146

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Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine an old man sitting in a rocking chair deep in thought. See the dull grey hair on his balding head, the creases on his brow, and the stains on his worn-out shirt. This man is a student of Franz Bardon’s system of magical training, and has been since the day he first came across IIH in his early twenties. As he rocks back and forth, he desperately tries to figure out why he is still stuck on Step 1. Throughout his lifetime, he read many articles about the exercises of IIH, frequently corresponded with renowned Bardon-trained magicians like William Mistele and Rawn Clark, and even supplemented his training with additional exercises from Dzogchen, Huna, and Western esotericism. Yet, despite these efforts, he never did move on to Step 2.

With the information contained in this book, you can avoid the fate of the old man you have just pictured. This book will teach you many things that will help you make real progress in your training, including:

  • Why you should throw out all your books on Qabalah
  • Why you should learn how to practice nishkama karma instead of Golden Dawn rituals like the LBRP
  • Why you should not draw magical symbols on the cover of your magical journal
  • Why a rudimentary understanding of economics can help you decide what magical exercises to practice
  • Why a cryptic statement by a Zen master can help you avoid buying Bardon-related books
  • Why you should not ask the author of this book questions about the spirits of PME
  • Why the way you urinate affects the speed of your magical advancement
  • Why writing a particular number on a piece of paper and taping it over your desk can help you train better

In 55 simple and to the point chapters, Virgil covers the common mistakes that keep students stuck on Step 1 their entire lives and discusses the one key principle that underlies all effective approaches to Bardon system training. Note: This book was written specifically for students of Franz Bardon’s system of magical training. While students of other systems are welcome to read it, they may need to adapt the teachings contained herein to fit the systems they study.