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Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun


  • Author: Andre Consciencia
  • Format: Paperback – eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: 1st June 2022
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • File Size: (ebook): 1953kb
  • Pages: 159

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Dimensions 15.2 × 0.7 × 22.9 cm



This book is dedicated to the tarot card of The Sun, which depicts an infant riding a white horse under the anthropomorphised sun, with sunflowers in the background. The infant represents intellectual purity, the anthropomorphised sun represents the nobility of being human, and the sunflower represents the adoration and loyalty of the heart towards the best of humanity and the highest ideal, for the sunflower looks ever at the Sun. The white horse represents the poem weaved by the magician’s three bodies, mind, soul and physical, here depicted as the unicorn, the pegasus, and the horse. The card portends the good fortune, happiness, joy and harmony of the universe agreeing with the magician’s path and aiding forward movement into something greater.

It is not that the magician will be above any man, much less above life, but he might, to the best of his abilities, consciously become life. The work is no different from the work of the poet, who shapes words into something alive through the soul mirrors, as the miner who visits the interior of the world extracts and purifies stone into gold and light. The magician, more than an egocentric master of his own dominion and king of his small chair, is but the human who seeks to be the poem and the poem who seeks to be human.

If you know ” Initiation Into Hermetics”, by the Czech author, hermeticist and stage magician Franz Bardon, you can imagine the meaning of these words applied to his concept of the soul mirror. And what if, through soul mirrors, you could understand each exercise of Initiation Into Hermetics from inside yourself and bring them to their unfolding? And what if each exercise could further remove the scales of the eyes so that they can find greater, more terrible, vaster, and wonderous vistas at each step, ever as onto the Soul of the World and the Mouth of the Sun? Here lies the mission of this book, original enough to be a system of its own. Yet, the book is not the poem, it must be written with the tremendous discipline of the bold reader, who is to become the artist.

Again, the human being moves on, his feet on the ground and in pools of the sun. When he stares he speaks through the silent meditations of all living creatures to the group mind. Not ever, not once, is the magician to expect any recognition, it is not likely that he will get it, even if he is remembered through the ages for still great but lesser things. In any case, the sun does not expect and does not wait. The feet of the magician walk with the Tao, the heart has saved himself and serves in silence, his flesh lives on by the virtue of its aspirations. He speaks through the same mouth as all beings and through the same mouth is he recognised by the intelligences who are matter and who have conquered matter by becoming truth.

Maybe, just maybe, his golden sandals leave no footsteps now, and his imprint will be as great as to join the glory of the world.

The author, a nobody, is as fortunate as to have giants allied to his effort and gives honour to the well known Franz Bardon and to Nema, from whom he has borrowed the concept, useful to this work, of The Forgotten Ones as the survival urges by which humanity has evolved.