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Bran O. Hodapp (Lama Rangdrol Tobkyi Dorje)

Bran Searched incessantly for his spiritual teacher. He began meditating at the age of 12 and studied the I Ching, including radiesthesia which he learned from his father.

Bran began studying Franz Bardon’s literature in 1987,

I found a symbiosis between Bardon and Tibetan secrets and have taught this for more than 20 years – before I left Europe and moved to South East Asia. 

Bardon spoke a lot about Tibetan secrets behind a veil. But I don’t believe some of his critics who managed his books because they were wrong. I think those additions are from Bauer Verlag Freiburg.

The word Khylchor is a word Tibetan and has a very deep meaning. – and he talked about Tummo – the inner heat- but the explanation was a little funny. So I don’t think that those comments are the original ones from him [Bardon].  What Bardon told us about a small and a big  Khylchor is absolutely correct. But what everyone would be surprised about is learning the translation of this Tibetan word.

In 1990, he resigned from his job as a police officer. His search took him to Arizona and Montana, where he came into contact with the Hopi Indians and was adopted into this North American tribe, Gross Ventre. Then still a ”greenhorn,” he was abandoned for four days and nights in the Little Rocky Mountains without food and forbidden to drink. This ceremony was then continued in a branch of the Grand Canyon, in the Arizona desert. Back in Germany, he practised this so-called light diet for 6 months and abstained from any food intake during this time. 

When Bran travelled to Nepal and Tibet in the late 1990s, it was like coming home for him.

Bran started to learn Traditional Tibetan Medicine and completed his internship in a clinic in Amdo, Tibet. Then he spent 10 days in a ‘hermit’s cave in the Tibetan mountains. In 2004, Bran was received for the first time by the 14th Dalai Lama at his residence in Dharamasala, before founding a Tibetan Centre in Lahr, which he directed for 10 years. Many high lamas accepted his invitations, including the throne holder 41st, Sakya Trizin Rimpoche, Ven Lopon Ogyan Rinpoche, Chokin Palden Rinpoche, or Lama Pema Dorje.

Bran O. Hodapp was a member of the first hours and certified training of the Dachverband Geistiges Heien DGHe.V, for many years. Where he also held a board seat for several years.

The arts also kept Bran busy, and from 2010-2012 he organised and hosted over 150 classical, rock, and jazz concerts with musicians from all over the world. 

In 2013, Bran completed a 49-day dark room retreat according to Tibetan tradition, during which he fasted strictly and meditated for over 1000 hours without light in a small room. During this time, he recited a healing mantra -Dorje Gotrab, over 1.2 million times without interruption. 

Bran O.Hodapp is a Laman in the ”White Order” of Tibet. He was accepted as a lineage holder by Chokin Jiggle Palden Rinpoche, and was initiated by Ven. Lopen Ogyan Tanzin Chö-Dag ( owner of the Dhama). As tradition dictates his life to healing people and animals, passing on knowledge as well as energetic advice to private individuals, companies and organisations. 

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