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Dr. Peter Duchemin

Peter Duchemin (PhD) is an esoteric author and practitioner who began the formal magickal path in 1995 and has explored eclectically across paradigms and traditions. His methodology is called “meta-magick”, defined as “the pressure of art, brought to bear on time”, and which is heavily linked to the use of a special system of magickal calendars called the ‘Ibisystem Orrery’– one calendar for each of the solar system’s major planets. Duchemin’s work links Qabalah, Tarot, Enochian, Chaos Magic, Ogham, I Ching, and other systems – all bound together by a logic derived from magic squares and other figures.


Metamagick is designed to shape time and to plant fields of becoming so as to help enrich the world. He is at work on a series of connected texts which explore the horizons of evolution, magick, and what it means to be adept in the hypermediated age. These works aim to help build roads through time that as a planetary organism, we might safely travel together so that we can mitigate, repair, and ultimately transcend the tragic wounds of our contemporary alienation from the divine, from each other, and from the living cosmos. Magickal calendars are the path to healing time. Magickal systems are the keys that our descendants will need in order to do their Work. The true Work of this current age is meant to support them in this great healing.

Peter began teaching his philosophy publicly in 2019. In particular, he began taking students through a program of study keyed to the orbit of Venus – on a magical calendar called the Forest of Life.

Using the 32 weeks of this period as windows onto different aspects of the Tarot, this course became a framework to study ideas of magic and meta-magic, techniques and meditations with mathematical structures, metaphors and myths, and a showcase of magical systems ranging from the I Ching to the Ogham, the Runes, the Qabalah, Abrahadabra, the planetary hours, Enochian and more. The key aim is to aquire a full spectrum of practices, meditations and contemplations that all interlock into a cohesive whole – such that they empower the various different (and sometimes conflicting) drives and capacities of the human soul.

The aim is to fundamentally integrate all these faculties – softening those which are too harsh, and strengthening those which are too weak. In this respect it is the same program as all of classic Western Esotericism – but with an emphasis on the open interplay of systems and perspectives from all cultures – and with permission to innovate and experiment. When we heal our relation to eternity, we heal ourselves and our societies of the grip of literalism, myopic specialization, the cruelties of alienation, and the tumors of selfishness and stupidity. The Tarot is a playbook for living based on astrological and elemental combinations. It can be combined with others – famously, the Enochian system of Dr. John Dee extends the domain of the Tarot into even more refined and coded Territories. In recent years,

Dr. Duchemin, has experimented with the format of Enochian and broken ground into some original new territory – by combining the Ogham alphabet with the traditional Enochian Tablets. This kind of experimental approach is what Meta-magick is all about. Lastly, as a calendar magician, Duchemin has concentrated on designing magical programs for all the planets of the Solar system, and crafts magical Parapegmas – counting boards that can be operated so that a practitioner actively tracks the orbit of the planet in a way that allows a meditation program to be overlayed on that orbit. This is a heliocentric way of realizing the Hermetic Axiom – “as above, so below”. Currently, he is preparing to make a study of bronze-working so that he will be able to craft his calendars into sculptures that will last for ages – as appropriate to their nature. A magician cannot be limited by a label – it is a profession for generalists who seek a key that links all the fields together. The metamagickian describes a person who has discovered how to synchronize the sciences and humanities – in the most modern sense, and who believes that we can meaningfully craft a Clavis Universalis – a universal key, not to a closed system but to an ongoing, open dialogue with eternity. That key resides in the heart.

Peter has created over 30 magickal calendars and teaches students how to use these calendars to realise potent spiritual energies in time with the movement of the heavens, through a method of scrying. Introduction Meta-Magick Scrying at the Perseus Academy.







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