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Kadiliya Aili

Kadiliya was born in the Silk Road region – an ancient cultural nexus in China, before migrating to Australia with her family. She was a gifted child, discovering her clairvoyance/clairaudience and astral travelling abilities at the age of 3 and developing them throughout the years, having worked as an intuitive guided reader and a healer.

Her own path has taken her to sacred sites around the world, where she has worked to heal the lands and to partake in ceremonies for the soul grid integration work she does for both people and places. Amidst her many journeys, Kadiliya has spent some years living in Sedona, sacred land to the natives, where she delved deep into planetary grid integration and planetary alignment work.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Kadiliya continues to focus on working one on one with clients in soul grid integration, travelling overseas when spirit calls her to heal the grid of the land, and performing workshops for those who resonate with her work.

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