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Maxwell Lewis Latham

Maxwell Lewis Latham was born at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in 1978. For most of his life he has lived as a hermit in the wilderness, mainly making his living as a travelling musician throughout the world. In more recent years he has devoted his life to working and studying extremely hard. Max is a deeply spiritual person and for much of his life belonged to the Eastern tradition of the Tao. Max respects all faiths, but is himself a devout Anglican and converted to Christianity following a series of transformative religious experiences and psychic revelations.

Next I saw the brightest Light and in itself, there was a form, a man of sapphirine complexion that threshed with divine correction, by which everything was filled with the sweetest golden fire, and that brilliant Light poured over everything, which was the golden fire, and that golden fire which engulfed everything was the brilliant Light; both that brightest Light and the golden fire were of one man, all one form, the Light from among one miraculous power and abilities appears. And also again I heard an oracular prophecy, that Light began speaking to me: therein is a feeling expressed only in writing of the secret Eucharists of God, to have made a distinction by having been seen and which could mean an incorporeal being that who, without rising as does the sun, exists, and which is formed of no earthly substance, in which the most potent psychic abilities from miraculous power had been planted. All things were the streams of forces.

Hildegard von Bingen, Scivias, 2.2 (trans. Latham, M.L.) 2017

 Currently studying for a Masters degree in Classical Studies, he also has a  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Classical Studies in 2016 from the Open University.Max also joined the Falcon Books Team as an editor in 2017.

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