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Nenad Djordjevic-Talerman

Nenad Djordjevic – Talerman was born in Belgrade in 1970. He studied history in Stockholm and Belgrade and earned a master’s degree in 1994. After working as a historian at the Yugoslavian archives, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997. His diplomatic postings took him to Pyongyang in 2000, Beijing from 2002 to 2006, and Shanghai 2006 to 2010. He is the published author of the Old Shanghai Clubs and Association  and Sapajou: The Collected Works of a Cartoonist. Nenad is an Honorary Vice President of the Royal Asiatic Society China in Shanghai. He lives in Shanghai where he is a freelance researcher, writer, tutor and musician. He had his first magical experiences as a child and he regards himself as Bardon’s student.

Nenad is active in several hermetic and magical organisations in his home country and China. He has been writing extensively about evocation magic, astral projections, tarot, kabala, and hermetism in some of the most important international magical forums (such as Studio Arcanis), and for local Serbian hermetic magazines.  He is married and has two sons.

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