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Ray del Sole

Ray’s main focus lies in the application of hypnotherapy, past life therapy, and Pranic Healing. He studied architecture in Bochum with a focus on project management. Among others, he has acquired certificates in cultural training, general project management, business efficiency, business management for engineers, and moderation of working groups. This was followed by postgraduate studies in natural sciences in eco-biology at the Institute Neubeuern, and management theory with business at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. After several years as an architect, he left the building industry for health reasons.

Since he had very early already undergone a complete education in Prana Healing in Switzerland, and because of his intensive spiritual studies in psychology and healing, he then completed training in anxiety and stress management, as a psychological counselor, as a hypnotherapist, and as a reincarnation therapist, Hypno-coach, and medical practitioner for psychotherapy. He is a member of VFP, the Association of Independent Psychotherapists in Germany. It is worth noting Ray del Sole has also been a Franz Bardon practitioner for over twenty years.

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