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The Franz Bardon Community

The Franz Bardon Community is a group of practitioners from around the world who train and practice in the Franz Bardon Tradition. Members of this community are united by their common goals, which include developing the various aspects of their being through systematic training, sharing esoteric knowledge with sincere seekers, and improving the world through the practice of authentic Hermetic magic.

Falcon Books Publishing wanted to collect together the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of the many living practitioners in this community, regardless of their current level of advancement. One project intended for this purpose was started in 2016 and consists of interviewing adepts from around the world. Many of these interviews have now been published in the book The Franz Bardon Tradition: Interviews with Experienced Practitioners. Another project was organised by our author Virgil, who brought many of the wider community’s voices together in the book Equipose: Insights into Foundational Astral Training, which focuses on finding spiritual strength through inner harmony and a balanced personality. This book has become a best seller with over 40 reviews to date.

Due to the success of Equipoise, Virgil has also organised another community anthology project on the subject of prayer, which will be published in the future.

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