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The Adept – Pyrotechnic Conjurations

The Adept - Pyrotechnic Conjurations

by André Consciência

This article follows in the sequence of The Adept – Perfumes & Cognitions. I have committed myself to write about various disciplines. Because it is my main seat, I started with art, which I dedicated to Venus. This article is dedicated to the fire element to which I will give the art of pyrotechnics conjoined with meditation, mental wandering, and conjuration.

The basics of the practices that follow have been taught to me by Oriman, written integrally in the Book of Elementals (for future release at Falcon Books) and further adapted to this article.


On the following elements, the base of the pyramid is for the adept to perfectly master his transference of consciousness to the lit fire. This and only this will make the practice work to its fullness.

The meditation of the earth element concerning fire is attained if the magician succeeds in keeping his consciousness in the fire all the way until it dies and is absorbed by coal, in which case the magician will find his consciousness to be in the coal. The earth stage of fire is achieved together with an acute consciousness of the solid awareness inherent to will. 

Additionally, for conjuration, the magician can contain copper sulfate in wax, through mixing and cooling, wrap it inside a paper cup, and throw it into the lit fire as this will open the elemental kingdom of the earth, but the magician must keep his consciousness in the fire at all times.


The best state for the bonfire is when it lays low and bluish, more or less at the level of the surface. The magician may now use powdered aluminum instead of copper sulfate. 


The fire should be expanding and releasing sparks into the air. Copper chloride is to be used.


The fire should be high and raging. Strontium chloride will open up the elemental kingdom of fire and potentiate the conjurations of fire. Remember to have it in wax and wrapped in paper cup. The fire will become red, while in the element of air it becomes blue, in the element of water it becomes silver and in the element of earth it becomes green.


Open up the nature of the fire to the akasha by adding, in the same manner as before, 3 parts potassium sulfate and 1 part potassium nitrate to make the flame become violet. Remember that you are the flame. From there on, a mental effect is caused by small sparks, they can be triggered by sugar. Astral effects can be caused by sparkly flashes, they can be triggered by coffee creamer. Physical effects can be caused by flash flame, it can be triggered by regular flour. 


There are four known types of shadow. The hard shadow is resonant with the earth element, the soft shadow is resonant with the air element. The specular shadow is resonant with the fire element and diffuse with the water element. These aspects are imprinted on the shadow via light or fire. 

If one transfers consciousness into such shadows, meditates on them, and then leaves on the mental body to enter these four distinct types of shadow as realms, one finds the four elemental kingdoms of the moon sphere. 


The light as a ray is an attribute of fire, light as reflection is an attribute of water, and light as dispersion is an attribute of air. Photoluminescence is proper to fire, electroluminescence is proper to air and chemiluminescence is proper to water. Incandescence, together with bioluminescence, is proper to earth.

The method before practiced with the shadow is to be practiced with the light to explore the elemental kingdoms of Mercury.


With a single candle you can gaze and its aura will unveil. If you then invoke and harness your inner fire, evoking it under a particular light and color oscillation into the aura of the candle, and you successfully pierce it, you can change the oscillation of the flame itself.

For the earth, try a dark brown color; for the water, a blue-green color; for the air, a blue color; and for the fire, a red color.


You can make a fire elemental or any intelligence of the spheres up to the sun sphere take on the body of the flame if you give it an aura such as theirs, with their colors and layers. Then you will watch the flame go fully alive.

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