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The Living Crystal – Prelaunch

A Game Changing Device

Behind the scenes for several months we have been aware of the development of this device by the founder of Sixty Skills – Bob. It is something that will make the lives of Meditatators, Magicians, Healers and many more far more productive, peaceful and filled with progress. You know those place we here about that are magical and special, those natural places where positive energy has gathered. Well now with this device you can create this kind of effect anywhere you are!

We do not say this lightly and if it was someone else, we would be extremely cautious. But we have known Bob since 2003, that is a long time. So when he first started talking about this, we got excited for the potential uses. 

What can it do?


According to the creators it can do quite a lot:

‘Every practitioner wants his meditation to be deep. And yet, since the dawn of time and throughout different cultures, advanced meditation techniques have been a close-kept secret of the few initiated ones. But as times change, so does the need to keep certain secrets.

As real-world engineers and spiritual practitioners, we have created the living crystal, an energy amplifier that helps you focus and discover true reality.’

‘Places of power are where life force naturally condenses due to its geometry or people come together with a united focus. Mountains, forests, temples, or large meditation groups provide such power for meditations with a sustainable spotlight focus.

The Living Crystal does this too. It’s your place of power on the go for a surge in life force energy wherever, whenever you want. Use it to support your meditation practice for a calming and centering effect. Place it throughout your house, the office, waiting area, and especially the kitchen, where the food will absorb its beneficial emanations for superior health. But working with the Living Crystal comes with more benefits.

  • Attain a calm, focused, and balanced state of being
  • Release anxiety and stress in an instant
  • Remove your distractions, or at least put them on mute
  • Clear chronic energy blocks
  • Feel more open and refreshed
  • Direct your intention to manifest using more energy
  • Amplify and further fine-tune your sensitivity to energy’

Follow the Launch

More info is coming soon from Bob, if you would like to follow the launch as it happens then sign up on the link below, this also means that you will benefit from a lower price IF you decide to purchase one of these devices.

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