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The Spheres – Interview with André Consciência

  1. What are the Spheres? 

They are the electromagnetic field and magnetosphere around a planet and the so-called space weather of a planet together with the starry light spectrum moving around the planet. They are also different levels of consciousness. The first is an astral reference, the other is a mental one. In the akasha, they are the builders of the mental, astral and physical worlds. 

2. What are some common challenges that practitioners may encounter when working with planetary evocation and how can they overcome them?

 If the magician shines brightly enough, the planetary beings might start appearing and asking the magician to perform certain missions. The magician must not accept all of them. While working with planetary magic is a field without limits, its lesson is the limits of the magician. Not accepting certain missions might not be as easy as literally saying “no”, because at times the beings will insist, and your “no” must be made whole.

3. What is the proper protocol for communicating with the 360 spirits girdling the earth or elementals during evocation?

The protocol is standard, no matter if we are speaking about the 360 spirits or the elementals or the intelligences of the moon, mercury, venus, sun, etc. I have written a good deal of exclusive information on the matter in my book A Guide to the Elementals, it suits not only elementals but any being evoked or met in the mental plane.

4..  What is the effect of the sphere upon the mental vehicle of a person?

A sphere affects the mental body in direct proportion to how much the mental body absorbs the light oscillation of the sphere. The mental vehicle then acquires in its own nature compartments that are of the behaviour and operational capacity of the sphere. 

5. How do you prepare for an evocation, and what precautions do you take to ensure your safety during the ritual?

It depends on the type of evocation and my familiarity with the being evoked. Until I and the being have come to terms and conditions, so to speak, it is important that I am centred in the Godhead generally speaking, and, from the Godhead, sometimes on power and virtue that stands immediately above the being, sometimes by consciousness transference to a higher being that is in direct relation with the one being evoked. If aiming at a full materialisation I always materialise this method by doing a proper circle and triangle. The substance that is familiar to the being and essential for the expression of its existence and intelligence must be given the being, less the being must take it, and rightfully, directly from your vital power and from your life events.

When I and the being are connected and the being is a part of my magical chain I often have but to think of the being to call it forth. Or with certain beings I only have to focus on the specific elemental quantity and quality of light in my forehead and on the being, project it to the darkest corner and invite the being to take it and come across. Most of the time, what is truly happening is that we are meeting on the akasha, outside time and space, but it manifests to the senses as happening in the room.

Regarding the magical tools, they are not only useful to deal with less easy beings, as commonly known, but they help the evoked intelligence manifest according to your higher faculties. The wand expresses the highest willpower, the cup the highest wisdom, etc, and the beings will be able to communicate to your highest will and wisdom directly because you are directly accessing these parts of yourself. So, the tools are important if you desire the full expression of intelligence.

6. What are some common misconceptions about working with spirits, and how do you address them?

Misconceptions? I don’t know. Working with spirits is an ample topic with chances for almost anything to happen. What I can tell is that often we think we are communicating with certain powers outside of us but we are really communicating with what I call the messenger. This is a projection of our own psyche that echoes back to us from the borders of our psychic egg and keeps us enclosed.

How to know for sure? We must learn to work with the messenger and know him/her fully. Then the messenger will teach us. 

In my book The Way of Abrahadabra I give an efficient way to do this, and in my book The Inner Gateways of LAM (Esoteric Pillars) I lay out an even more advanced form.

7. How do you maintain a balanced and ethical approach to working with spirits, and what advice would you give to beginners in this field?

Sometimes I do not think I do. Sometimes I do not think working with spirits is the easiest path in the direction of balance, as the influence of the beings, the mightier it is, the more the chances of incurring in imbalance increase. My advice would be to only swallow as much as you can and no more, or go all the way and not look back, always keeping the centre of your circle and not only while performing the evocations. Not only while performing the evocation because the temporal laboratory for the evocation is your daily life, while the moment of evocation itself happens outside space and time and into space and time.

Now, regarding ethics, if you have worked your soul mirror and ennoblement of the soul, as you should have, you will probably know what it is to be a good person. A good person is a good person towards all kingdoms, including the spiritual realm and the spirits thereof. The Godhead burns all vile concepts. Approach the circle and the triangle with vileness in your heart and the crocodile will bite you, you will soon be dragged to the labyrinthic currents of the lower Saturn.  

8. Can you describe your experience working with entities from the Earth Zone, and how they differ from those in higher spheres?

Even if I make use of the higher and lower paradigm for better clarity, I believe it is an untruthful way to put things. The beings of the Earth Zone are the elementals, what we traditionally know as elementals and also animal spirits and spectres of the dead etc that move by elemental means. The beings of the elements themselves must be met with respect and they are not necessarily inferior in any way. It is, however, different working with, say, an elemental being of the Earth Zone and intelligence of the Zone Girdling the Earth. The elementals have an elemental intensity that is unique to them, they are full of life and wonder, while the intelligences of the Zone Girdling the Earth have the bountiful and vacant peace of the akasha, they reach all variety of life and even all elemental variety if they so desire, but they come from a source of delight that is beyond the delights of condition. The entities from the Earth Zone work from the celebration of condition, which means the manifestation of the Divine, and are themselves divine pieces on the board. Most intelligences on the Zone Girdling the Earth are not on any board. They will likely work with the less experienced magician in a very familiar way and appear to have all kinds of limitations to raise sympathy and facilitate communication and comprehension, but in truth they work directly from the realm of cause.  

9. How do you differentiate between spirits that are benevolent and those that are malevolent?

From the fruits you know the tree, as the Bible says. A benevolent spirit will do you good, a malevolent spirit will do you wrong. But how straightforward is this, and is this the only way to look at it? I have worked with some demons who were always trustworthy, loyal, and truthful. They were benevolent to me. Some so-called positive beings have made me suffer and have caused me sickness and have often invaded or tried to invade my space. I will not even begin to talk about how in most paradigms the plus and the minus pole have been really exchanged so that we work with the minus pole as if it is the plus pole and vice versa. Most demons are positive beings if we take it that positive means active. Many angels are negative because they are passive.

But, let us not go into that. Let me keep from where I left. I know mighty angels that have no care for civilization as we know it in our micro-understanding of personal life. They care little for limitations. If you ask them to get more knowledge they might give you more knowledge until you get an aneurysm. This is all good to them as long as you serve a purpose that is in alignment with their causes. 

You should know what is good to you and what is bad, and when you work with a malevolent or a benevolent being you must always be very clear that you want all outcomes to be a manifestation of luck and health so that nothing backs fire. The way I feel it, benevolence is a force of expansion and creation, and malevolence is a force of contraction and destruction. The word “and” is important here and must not be read as “or”. Malevolent forces can have benevolent effects and benevolent forces can have malevolent effects. This is why you must be wise and why evocation is only for the wise.

10. Can you share any experiences of mental travel to higher spheres, and what you encountered there?

I once found a very peculiar clock (clock is the only word I know that comes close to what it does) in what I call the route of the Sphere of Uranus that I think describes the origin of humanity on Earth and also information on physical alien life and some locations. But the most fascinating aspect is the mechanism of this clock and the way it can be read and interpreted. This system is applicable to our brains and could make a difference in the way we perceive. 

11. How do you incorporate the planetary energies into your evocation work, and what role do they play in the ritual?

If we are talking about evoking a being from a certain planetary sphere, it becomes quite obvious. I must go to the sphere, work with the sphere, bring the sphere down and the room up to the sphere, and invite the inhabitants.

12. Can you discuss the significance of the names and sigils of spirits in evocation?

 The names are formulas. The names are formulas in two ways.

Firstly, in a qabbalistic way, and secondly, in a personal way, that is, in a way that the sounds work as a ritual that is peculiar to your understanding and faculties and references of experience. Therefore, a being might give you a name that is peculiar to yourself and you will ask it to teach you how to pronounce it magically, because the name alone won’t do that much.

13. How is this name a ritual?

The quabbalistic name must be inquired as well as to the manner of its performance. What letters go to what plane and in what manner, how must they fit together And there is more. A being can break through to your side if you use a certain formula, but this formula will not have the same effect on your fellow magician and some aspects of the name are changed when the being gives the name to your magician friend. This is because like with medicines that change according to physical differences between persons, the effect the formulas have on one depends on the qualities and might this one has developed and of his level of experience, purity, maturity, and wisdom. 

The sigils and the names work in the same fashion. The shapes and colors in the seal (if we are talking Franz Bardon we are working with seals, not sigils, as sigils imply mathematical sequences in planetary squares or a conjunction of letters put together) have hermetic significance and/or personal significance to the magician.

14. Can you explain the concept of the Akashic Records, and how they can be accessed during evocation work?

All proper evocations happen in Akasha, if they manifest in the material world in a certain time and a certain space etc, that is immaterial to where they are happening. When you are talking with a being, both you and he are using the akashic records as the substance with which communication takes place.

The akashic records imply the concept of the storehouse of eternity. The records are all things that have happened, are happening and that will happen everywhere as remaining untouched and preserved in eternity. It is not, however, as simple as it sounds. The limitations of our experiences are only stored in eternity through their eternal qualities, the limited shapes and aspects are but an imprint shell of what eternity absorbs, just like the hair of black holes in science. I am referring to the term “black hole soft hair” or “quantum hair” coined by Stephen Hawking in which the matter that collapses into a black hole leaves a faint mark in its gravitational field, providing the mechanism by which information is preserved when a black hole is collapsing.

So here it is, the akashic records are not the black hole, the void blackness of the akasha, but exist in the eternal collapsing of the akasha, that violet state of the akasha that is neither void nor yet limited by time and space: it is, without compromise, creating time and space in all directions.

15. How does one go about evoking the planetary spirits and what are the benefits of doing so?

How? That would require whole volumes. Fortunately, we have good examples already published, my favourite being The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon. There are benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are that you will learn through the planetary beings things that no earthly human could teach you, except perhaps humans working with planetary beings, and even then, the limitations in transmitting what has been learned through regular human communication are quite detrimental. If you imagine an interplanetary university of wise teachers in a sci-fi movie, and hogwarts that extends to all planets, this is actually what you get in real life when you become a sphere magician. How unfathomable it may seem to someone who has never travelled this way or evoked this way.

The disadvantages are that most beings do not see things as you do. To them, sometimes your whole lifetime is the blink of an eye, and an illness of years is nothing. The scope of different comprehensions of the world and different ways to act on it will leave you as much in fascinating company as probably lost, adrift and alone, not counting the many accidents of communication, as communication with certain beings implies manifestation in events of life.

I am taking for granted that the person performing these communications is a balanced magician. If not, these communications can lead to losing grasp of reality in our common sense of the world and in society therefore. And it can lead to suicide, as people might want to stay in this world no longer.  

16. How does one determine which planet to evoke for a specific purpose?

By studying the attributes of the planets according to hermeticism and transversal disciplines, western or eastern. Then, by personally exploring the planets through direct experience.

17. What kind of knowledge and abilities can be gained from evoking planetary spirits?

All kinds. I have no other answer to this. There are limitless planets and limitless spirits.

18. How does one properly make offerings and communicate with the planetary spirits during evocation?

By asking the spirits what it is they would like. This is a gesture of good will, honour and love. Yet, the two essential offerings are already a part of the evocation itself: that you condense the light oscillation that is proper to the being, and that you evoke the being to fulfil something that is of the nature and calling of the being. If you evoke a being for something that is not of the being’s nature and calling, what you are doing makes no sense, no matter how one tries to look at it. 

19. How can one incorporate the use of astrology in planetary evocation to enhance the effectiveness of the ritual?

By taking into account the movements of the planet in question, and the temporal influence that is in accordance with the nature of the being in question. I have written a book about astrology and planetary magic that will soon see the light of day through Falcon Books Publishing, called A Guide to Stellar Magic.  

20. How does the practice of planetary evocation relate to the other spheres and practices in Franz Bardon’s system of magic?

At some point Franz Bardon cannot teach that which cannot be put to paper or common human language and words. While we wander in the spheres or while we are communicating through evocation, language takes a whole new dimension capable of incorporating, absorbing and transmitting concepts that our words cannot. This is how planetary magic is able to complete Franz Bardon’s system.

21. How does one use planetary evocation to influence oneself and others?

The beings of the planetary spheres have bodies of influence, evoking them is bathing yourself in them just as when you accumulate a certain element, no matter which of the four. You are bathing in it and obtaining the influence of that element in your own field of perception and of active existence. The forces with which you influence yourself will make you a magnet-power of a similar range of influence over others. Human beings connect through the frequency range, for lack of a better analogy.

22. How does one properly dismiss and banish the planetary spirits after evocation?

Accompany the being back to its sphere, return, then dissipate the planetary saturation in the room and in your mental, astral and physical bodies.

23. How does one prepare for the evocation of spirits according to Franz Bardon’s teachings in the Second Book?

Get the magical journal, prepare the magical tools and ornaments previously loaded, draw the circle and triangle according to the planetary principles. Additionally, I’d recommend obtaining some level of competence on the fields of knowledge addressed by the being, less you risk not being able to absorb anything of what the being has to teach.

24. What kind of knowledge is available when evoking these spirits?

All knowledge in the universe that is accessible to our stage of evolution.

25. How does Franz Bardon’s method of evocation compare to other traditions of magic?

It gathers the practical essence of the other genuine traditions of magic regarding evocation. Most traditions are veiled and encrypted, Franz Bardon is pretty straightforward and practical.

26. How does one determine which spirit to evoke for a specific purpose?

By studying the nature of the purpose, then the nature of the being is to be selected accordingly. 

27. How long should one stay exploring the Elemental Kingdom before branching out to the Planetary spheres?

Until one has learned the four divine ecstasies. Then, as you venture to the planetary spheres, keep exploring the elemental kingdoms. They are essential to keep you grounded. 

28. What additional measures can we take to protect ourselves from negative effects on our equanimity?

I am supposing this question is also regarding dealing with the spheres and planetary intelligences. Master the nature of the sphere before venturing into the sphere. Master also, up to your current level of capacity, the skills of the beings before evocation of the beings. This will keep you from further disaster and calamitous surprise. I have been writing three books, The Grade of Jupiter, The Grade of the Sun, and The Grade of Mars exactly to prevent such accidents with the higher spheres.

29. What has been the most surprising thing that you have discovered in the Spheres? (That you are allowed to share)

That the spheres themselves are an illusion, like bait to lure us into a plane of existence that cannot be limited, not even by the spheres.

30. How does the practice of magical evocation relate to the teachings in Franz Bardon’s First Book, “Initiation into Hermetics”?

It is a continuation. When words could no longer do justice to the practices ahead, Franz Bardon had the magician commune directly with the divine intelligences and learn through telepathically.

31. How does one judge the reliability of the information received during evocation?

It is only reliable if it is or will somehow become useful. Some beings have a major field of magnetism about them, if you let yourself be dragged by it they will destroy your reality and you yourself may become useless in your own sphere of action.

32. How can one develop the ability to communicate with the spirits during evocation?

By developing extrasensory abilities. Again, Franz Bardon has reliable methods throughout Initiation Into Hermetics. A good addition to it might be found in my The Way of Abrahadabra or in videos by Sifu Mark Rasmus. I shall also recommend once more A Guide to the Elementals, for a better understanding of the symbolic mechanisms of communication in place.  

To find out more about André Consciência, please view his author page. You can also preorder his latest title: A Guide to The Elementals –  A Magical Study Series Vol 1 

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