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The Four Elements


  • Author: William R. Mistele
  • Format: Paperback – Hardback -eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: August 30, 2019
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • File size ‎(eBook): ‎3895 kb
  • Pages: 196

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Hardback, Paperback


The four elements reveal the mystery of life.

The earth element enables us to be practical, solid, and down to earth. Yet also found within the earth element is a quiet ecstasy and inner silence in which the things we care about most in life are always near to us.

The air element, weightless and free, has within it a perfect state of relaxation. Here are balance and harmony, the feeling of freedom, of good cheer, and a sense of wonder—that in each moment the unknown universe is revealing itself in a new way.

The water element is so open and focused on the present that our responses to others are not shaped by our past experiences. The water element also produces graphic imagination—the ability to experience the past and the future as if they are completely real and happening right now. Within water is found a nearly superhuman empathy in which we can feel other’s feelings as if they are our own.
The fire element is expansive, energetic, and commanding. It overcomes obstacles and makes things happen. Through its willpower, we are able to seize new opportunities as they arise. Fire has the light of vision and the ecstasy that comes from accomplishing a mission.

By studying the four elements, we are able to answer for ourselves these age-old questions.

  • What is human nature?
  • What is it to feel fully alive?
  • And what can we accomplish in our lives?